Steps of selection

1. Sorting on the basis of the CV-s

In the first stage of the selection procedure we evaluate and sort the applications on the basis of the submitted CV-s and motivation letters.

In the next stage we establish personal contact with those applicants who meet our requirements for the position in question.

As a helpful hint for preparing your application for an advertised job we suggest that you describe in it exactly, in details and in their full scope all your qualifications, experience and skills which are highlighted as expectations in the job advertisement. To do so you can use the CV formats, on page „How to Apply”, which are extendable by inserting rows at wish to enable you to provide all information required.

2. Group selection centre

This stage of selection is organized for the positions „Accountant Assistant” and „Experienced Accountant Assistant”.

The aim of the selection centre is to provide the opportunity to our applicants to demonstrate their professional knowledge and personal abilities. The parts of the selection centre :

  • test-sheet of accounting

  • test-sheet of English language skills

  • personality test-sheet

(For certain positions the group selection centre is substituted by „solving” a case study which forms part of the interview with a manager detailed in the next chapter.)

3. Manager’s interview

This stage of selection is organized for every advertised position. In this stage the applicants have a meeting with one of our managers.

The purpose fo the Manager’s interview is to get acquainted personally with our applicants and see if they possess the abilities and skills which are necessary for performing the job in question.

In case of positions where the Group Selection Centre is not a stage of the selection process (e.g. Senior Accountant) the applicants have to prove their professional abilities by “solving” a case study – as part of the interview with a  manager. The selected case studies raise professional questions (and client-handling situations) which may come up in that position any time. 

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4. Partner’s interview

Next stage of the selection process is the partner’s interview when the applicant may prove to the two managing directors (Partners) of our company that he/she possesses all the professional knowledge and personal ability which will make him/her successful in the team of Process Solutions.

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5. Job offer

We shall be glad to make a job offer to the applicants who have successfully passed all stages of the selection and, in case of reaching an agreement, to welcome them as our new colleagues !

We hope that the years they spend with us will play a decisive role in their professional career !

We believe this knowing that by

  • the support of our experienced team,

  • the co-operation with our Clients who are among the best known companies,

  • our proven and appreciated methodology,

  • our overall training system and

  • our labour organization features helping fast and efficient learning

we shall be able to provide a unique opportunity for our dedicated colleagues to achieve their personal targets.

Count on us !
We wish you successful performance in all stages of the selection process!


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