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Automation also revolutionizes payroll

02-12-2019 Payroll Hungary

Process Solutions, accounting and payroll service provider has researched data from 150 companies which are increasingly switching to paperless or even fully automated solutions. The main reason for this change is that automated processes are faster and more reliable solutions.

Changes in accounting – The focus is on automation and capacity management

14-02-2019 Accounting Hungary

According to the forecasts, the digitalization and evolution of robotics will significantly transform the labour market. Opinions are mixed on the future of accounting, so we were following up on what changes we can expect within the profession in the near future.

What do you need for a successful IPO?

12-02-2019 GDPR Hungary

Process Solutions Ltd., Hungary’s leading BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) company, has helped Wizz Air’s initial public offering process. In connection with the issue of shares, PS has gathered the most important steps that are essential for a company to enter the stock market.


14-08-2018 GDPR Hungary

With the growing severity of data protection regulations scandals concerning data also grew louder that contributes to making people more conscious when handling own data, thus improving data protection consciousness.


31-07-2018 GDPR Hungary

Earlier numerous media reported that a political analyst company, Cambridge Analytica attempted to influence voters during the U. S. presidential election and the Brexit campaign by processing almost 90 million Facebook users’ data.

After GDPR panic, some calm please

12-07-2018 GDPR Hungary

In our earlier blogs we summarised what advantages the EU’s data protection reform can bring and what new opportunities will result from the regulation. A company developing a meditation application saw a very particular opportunity in GDPR.