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Digitalization – The engine of economic growth in the 21st century

31-01-2023 Outsourcing Hungary

Digital-Blog-01: Thoughts from the perspective of a regional business process outsourcing company. As a result of the forced acceleration of development during the almost three years of the pandemic, we read a lot about the digital revolution, which – given its expansion and attitude-shaping effect – should rather be considered a “digital evolution”.  In the series of PS blog posts following this opening article we will review and interpret the most important digitalization trends revolutionizing the changes of business thinking and environment in the 21st century.

The record-holder Farkas Litkey will start Kékszalag Regatta with the Process Solutions Catamaran

12-07-2022 Outsourcing Hungary

Farkas Litkey, thirteen-time Kékszalag winner and four-time Soling world champion helmsman will start Kékszalag of Balaton — the longest, oldest and one of the most exciting sailing competitions in Europe — in the colours of a new eponymous sponsor, Process Solutions Kft, the Hungarian accounting market leader. Thanks to a three-year cooperation and sponsorship agreement, Farkas Litkey, will lead The Process Solutions Catamaran.

Crypto currency taxation in Hungary – PS In-Voice Accounting Podcast

18-05-2022 Tax Hungary

This is the PS In-Voice Podcast, where today we are talking with Eszter Kálóczi, PS SME Tax Team Lead about the taxation of crypto currencies, a very exciting subject.

Reporting and disclosure errors — The experience of an accounting service provider in Hungary

25-04-2022 Accounting Hungary

Published company accounts are one of the sources of information that market participants – interested in a company –  can use to find out more about it. It therefore goes without saying why it is of major importance that published accounts give a true and fair view of the company. However, there may be errors detected after publication which may distort the true picture to a greater or lesser extent

Knowledge sharing as a strategic building block for firm development in the era of digital transformation

22-04-2022 Outsourcing Hungary

As a leading accounting and payroll service provider company, Process Solutions’ primary and most important resource is the knowledge and experience of its experts, so the more successful we are in delivering our ‘people development’ programmes, the more competitive advantage we can gain in the marketplace.

PS In-Voice Part-1 – Accounting automation is constantly evolving, but human resources will be needed for a long time

07-04-2022 Accounting Hungary
This is PS In-Voice, the podcast series of Process Solutions. Discussions with PS experts on accounting issues, topical issues, professional and technological challenges. Our team has been working on projects to implement accounting automation for years. Although the technology is developing rapidly, we predict that human resources will be needed in the field for a long time to come. Today’s guest is Attila Sólyom, process expert for PS, and we will discuss automation and the future of accounting.