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Knowledge sharing as a strategic building block for firm development in the era of digital transformation

22-04-2022 Outsourcing Hungary

As a leading accounting and payroll service provider company, Process Solutions’ primary and most important resource is the knowledge and experience of its experts, so the more successful we are in delivering our ‘people development’ programmes, the more competitive advantage we can gain in the marketplace.

PS In-Voice Part-1 – Accounting automation is constantly evolving, but human resources will be needed for a long time

07-04-2022 Accounting Hungary
This is PS In-Voice, the podcast series of Process Solutions. Discussions with PS experts on accounting issues, topical issues, professional and technological challenges. Our team has been working on projects to implement accounting automation for years. Although the technology is developing rapidly, we predict that human resources will be needed in the field for a long time to come. Today’s guest is Attila Sólyom, process expert for PS, and we will discuss automation and the future of accounting.

Hiring employees in Czechia – 8 basic rules

17-09-2021 Payroll Czech Republic

Labour legislation across Central European region is fairly similar. Although you may have lots of experience from other countries, it is still worth asking the right questions before rushing into hiring employees in Czechia.

Setting up business in Czechia – The basics

02-07-2021 Accounting Czech Republic

No ‘Doing Business Guide’ can help you fully navigate for your particular situation and timing. It is worth reading a few guides and then collaborating with the right partners for business. Feel free to use the below to confirm your checklist is complete and compare answers with other sources. Contact us for a free of charge initial consultation.

7 Basics of Czech employee holiday entitlement

11-06-2021 Payroll Czech Republic

Ever wondered about rules for entitlement and consumption of holidays of your Czech employees in various situations? The rules are far from simple. Enjoy reading the summary, get an idea of the rules and prevent surprises.

10 peculiarities of payroll in Czechia

29-03-2021 Outsourcing Czech Republic

Once a prospective client asked me: “Why is your payroll fee so high, you just click a button.” I was perplexed. Despite all digitalization, payroll is and will for quite some time remain the domain of experts with unique knowledge and lots of experience. Czech payroll is not an exception but a representative confirmation of this fact.