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7 Basics of Czech employee holiday entitlement

11-06-2021 Payroll Czech Republic

Ever wondered about rules for entitlement and consumption of holidays of your Czech employees in various situations? The rules are far from simple. Enjoy reading the summary, get an idea of the rules and prevent surprises.

10 peculiarities of payroll in Czechia

29-03-2021 Outsourcing Czech Republic

Once a prospective client asked me: “Why is your payroll fee so high, you just click a button.” I was perplexed. Despite all digitalization, payroll is and will for quite some time remain the domain of experts with unique knowledge and lots of experience. Czech payroll is not an exception but a representative confirmation of this fact.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the business services market – Lessons learned and opportunities

27-02-2021 Outsourcing Hungary

Process Solutions with the participation of leaders of some of its European network companies, has carried out an international survey on the systemic changes that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about and can bring about in the functioning of the BPO market.

COVID-19 pandemic—Themes and aspects that are to be discussed in order to maintain our competitiveness (2)

10-02-2021 Outsourcing Hungary

In our previous post, we reviewed the decision-making changes that are critical for rapid adaptation to the COVID crisis, the reorganization of business processes, and the issues that came into focus with the rise of the home office. In this post, challenges to the back office and support functions are being addressed.

COVID-19 pandemic — Themes and aspects that are to be discussed in order to maintain our competitiveness (1)

12-01-2021 Outsourcing Hungary

In our initial posts, we have written that crisis management is successful only if we are well-prepared, have alternatives worked out in advance and look forward to “events” proactively, so that we can apply the most appropriate alternative to a real situation flexibly and without delay.

Questions that must certainly be answered in order to survive an economic and health crisis

23-12-2020 Outsourcing Hungary

Based on the experience of the first half year of the COVID-19 crisis, the main challenges facing us as a market leader in the business services sector have been identified and during the period, we were responding them we have gained serious experience that we believe is worth sharing.