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Ensuring the lawfulness of processing

16-04-2018 GDPR Hungary

According to previous legislation practices on information self-determination and freedom of information, the legal basis for data processing was given by the stakeholder’s consent and legal obligation.

Data controller and data processor

15-04-2018 GDPR Hungary

You must have read about processor and controller on many blogs before, therefore you probably know the difference between the two by now. Let’s be honest it isn’t a rocket science, but when it comes to responsibility there are a few things that should be clear.

GDPR is coming – What can we do before the deadline of May?

09-04-2018 GDPR Hungary

The deadline for the implementation of the changes required by GDPR is getting closer therefore we have collected the key actions that companies need to carry out before the 25 May deadline. We have also examined the rights of the affected parties, which you can read about in more details below.