Factory of the Year 2017 Award - The first official announcement

This is the third consecutive year when PS supports GyártásTrend Magazin in the course of the Factory of the Year award. The 2017 competition was announced at a large-scale marketing communication workshop named XFACTORY, where one of our senior managers, Balázs Urbán talked about the details of the award, inviting the best Hungarian manufacturing companies to join the competition.

Factory of the Year 2017 Award




Factory of the Year 2017 Award, Év Gyára 2017 Díj

The XFACTORY was organised by Professional Publishing Hungary in the middle of September with two purposes.  One was to present the most effective marketing-communication tools that factories can use and the other one to promote the Factory of the Year award. Right from the start of the first competition Process Solutions has provided professional support to this unique project and this will continue this year as well.


After the speeches and case studies introducing the currently best marketing tools for factories (who were represented by almost 60 guests), the workshop continued with the speech of Balázs Urbán, senior manager of Process Solutions along with Péter Molnár, marketing and sales director of PPH Media. After briefly explaining the course of the process, they also shared their thoughts on why it is worth to compete and highlighted the benefits of taking part in the competition as well as outlined the expected resources to be invested by the participants.


The workshop also served as the first official communication platform for the 2017 award. This year the factories can enter for one or more of these categories:

  • Best management processes
  • Most innovative manufacturer
  • Best manufacturer
  • Most efficient supporting functions
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Best supplier relations
  • CYEB – energy efficiency
  • Industry 4.0


The PS team supporting this event hope that the recognition of the award will be very motivating for the companies and will result in record number of applications. Deadline of the application is 31 December 2017.


For more information about the Factory of the Year award please visit evgyara.hu.


For detailes of the XFACTORY workshop please click here (gyartastrend.hu)

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