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New leadership appointments at Process Solutions

PS has applied a new organizational structure as of February 2019, appointing four of its managers as new partners. The change has been necessitated by the growth of the company in the past few years.

New partner appointments at PS Hungary




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The new partners have been members of the PS team for many years – Gyöngyvér Menyhárt since 2004, Dániel Sahó since 2005, Tibor Tóth since 2003, and Balázs  Urbán since 2011 – and as managers, they all have been contributing to the coordination of the company’s largest international projects for nearly 10 years. Their expertise should guarantee that the new system will really accelerate the dynamism of the company and allow quick and effective leadership decision-making, as well as optimal capacity management.


Since 2014, PS has been working in management teams, but the dynamic growth in recent years has been calling for the organizational structure to be renewed in some way, to ensure the continuiuty of our development. In order to achieve a successful change, new partners have been appointed to lead manager groups, who will now cooperate directly with the PS strategic leaders, with the managing partners.


According to András Szalai, Managing Director of PS, “After the transition, the new organizational structure will greatly shape the year 2019 for PS. We will work to ensure that our clients and the entire PS Team feel the positive changes expected from the transformation as soon as possible, either in our daily work or in the development of the company’s long-term strategy. ”