PS supported the Factory of the Year 2016 competition

2016 was the second year that PS collaborated with Professional Publishing Hungary (PPH) in the course of the Factory of the Year competition. Similarly to the last year, we worked on the questionnaire sent to the factories, made the evaluation of them, visited every shortlisted factory and made a summary of the result for the jury (who finally selected the best factories based on our work).

Process Solutions supports The Factory of the Year competition




Factory of the Year competition, Professional Publishing Hungary, Az Év Gyára 2016

Balázs Urbán, member of PS’ team shared some thoughts with us on their experience:


Q: What factors did you consider before deciding to work with PPS this year again?

A:  Participating in making this award  has put us in contact with some of Hungary’s leading factories and gave us the opportunity to meet representatives of some important industry players. We also deepened our knowledge about process automation, process improvement and lean management during the site visits. We also shall not forget that the team members had a chance to get an insight into certain areas and processes that we usually know nothing about. And finally, it was so much fun.


Q: Which industries were represented by this year’s nominees?

A:  Among others aviation, textile, plastic, wooden goods, pharmaceutical, and automotive.


Q: What did the PS team members enjoy the most?

A: Definitely the factory visits. This year we had a chance to fly an electronic double seated airplane, visit a factory that has achieved a 70% improvement in their production efficiency in two years, and for instance to see how world class plume pillows are made.


Q: What are the benefits for the factories?

A: They can learn from each other and can therefore, improve their own operation. We experienced that these factories aim to achieve excellence in many areas and are keen to adapt best practices from each other. They also get inspiration from this award and it motivates them to apply next year again.


Q: What is the future of the award?

A: We hope that the recognition of the award will improve over time. We are committed to continue our work with PPH and to give our colleagues the chance to participate in this interesting project.