Quick news! Process Solutions Poland celebrates the opening of its new office in Lublin

We are happy to announce that we opened a new PS office in Lublin to support our clients with accounting and tax reporting, as well as HR and payroll services in Poland.




Process Solutions Poland, new branch office in Lublin

Backed by our own offices in the CEE region – in Czechia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Poland –  and an extensive network of partner offices across the continent we are able to operate with scale and offer comprehensive geographical coverage across Europe.
Now our Polish headquarters is enjoying another success with the opening of a branch office in Lublin. The newly opened Process Solutions office is located in CZ Office Park at 27 Kraśnicka Street.


Invest of Lublin welcomed us to Lublin and keeps its fingers crossed for us.

Thank you for the trust in us!


More details to follow soon.

Stay tuned.


Tomasz Tąkiel

Krzysztof Buczyński,