Experienced Assistant



What motivated you to apply to Process Solutions?

During the interview I learnt that PS provides services for multinational companies in most countries across Europe. I perceived it as a big chance to improve my English skills, especially my accounting vocabulary. Working in partnership with multinational customers also meant an opportunity to obtain strong experience in a diverse environment. Moreover, the PS office in Warsaw is located in the city center with good access to public transport.


What tasks do you have as an Experienced Assistant?

I post bank statements and invoices, calculate CIT, prepare VAT returns and other statutory reports such as reports for the Statistical Office and Intrastat. As an experienced assistant, I provide seniors with draft management reports for them to review and forward to clients via e-mail. Sometimes I teach new assistants or meet clients together with more experienced staff members. The tasks are really diverse.




What do you consider as a challenge?

The biggest challenge for me is tax regulations in Poland, especially those concerning corporate income tax. I have learnt a lot during my work at PS, but some tax issues are still difficult. I also feel quite nervous when meeting clients face to face. Dealing with clients during professional conversations, especially in English, can be challenging.


What kind of support and training did you get that helped you to be such a successful employee of PS?

My colleagues are very helpful and I can always count on their assistance. More experienced staff members share information and knowledge when I have a problem with finding effective and logical solutions.


PS provides great opportunities to attend training courses. At the beginning of 2014 I took part in a tax course in order to be updated on the changes in VAT regulations. Last year, I started to participate in a six-month tax and accounting course with The Accountants Association in Poland. It was a really memorable experience. PS also organizes in-house training every month concerning our accounting system.


What do you consider as a success?

I feel that success is when I manage to accomplish new goals every year and my work allows me to develop. For example, I have managed to prepare financial data for consolidated accounts for a listed company, which would have been impossible for me last year. Success is also when I put a lot of work into something and I see the positive and visible results of my effort. It’s something that I can look back on and say “I achieved that.” The tax and accounting course at The Accountants Association in Poland was quite difficult for me, but after a lot of hard work I managed to achieve the best score in the group.



Senior Accountant

"PS was recommended to me by a professional with a remarkable accounting/finance background as a great company to work for."

Experienced Assistant

"I feel that success is when I manage to accomplish new goals every year and my work allows me to develop."

Senior Accountant

"During my work at PS, I experienced such successes that gave me satisfaction and provided personal and professional development."

Accountant Assistant

During the university years many of my friends started to work as intern with PS. All said that it is a fine workplace with much opportunity for professional development.

Semi Senior

When I approached the end of my college studies I spent my practice semester with PS, since then I work here.

Experienced Senior

When I first learnt about PS, I was looking for an internship program. I really liked the idea of working as a part-time intern while I was still a college student.


"I have received a lot of support from my colleagues during the years and, without a doubt, I gained most of my professional knowledge from them."

Senior Manager

“To me success is when people who work with me feel well, clients are satisfied or we have managed to get a bigger client or an internal project.”

Semi Senior

During my university years I deemed it important to reinforce the theoretical knowledge obtained there also in practice.

Semi Senior

After the second year at the university when I was looking for a place for my mandatory four-week summer practice I chose PS.

Experienced Accountant Assistant

I heard about PS from an earlier group mate who had been working with them for some time and said that it was a good place and I should send my application to them.

Accountant Assistant

I was looking primarily for a place for my practice in the professional semester when I first met PS at the HVG job exchange, then I was admitted to the company.